About Us

01 June 1945 Piano and safe haulage company established by Otto Gailing with one horse-drawn cart and one lorry. 

1949 After the death of Otto Gailing, his son Otto Rudolf takes over management of the company.

1955 The company moves to new premises at Böblinger Strasse 245, Stuttgart. 

1960 - 1995 Business continues to expand with nationwide machinery, safe and computer haulage services.

1998 Gailing is taken over by Reederei Schwaben. Continues to focus on safe haulage; delivery destinations expanded to include Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. 

2010  The company moves to a new office and logistics building within Stuttgart.

Our Customers...


are the focus of all we do. For us, customer orientation is not just a buzzword but part of our corporate philosophy. Because it is only by properly understanding what our customers want that we can develop individual, needs-based concepts. Transparency, information management and integration of our customers into our processes foster mutual understanding and appreciation. And we are fully committed to continuing to pursue this policy in the future.


Our People...

are the hearts and minds of our company. By constantly fostering and demanding commitment, a sense of responsibility, creativity, courage and motivation in our workforce, we are able to perform - and constantly improve - our high-quality services every day.

As a result of this active Human Capital Management, our turnover is below average and our employees have a strong sense of loyalty to the company and its customers. At the heart of everything they do is the quest for optimum solutions and improving customer satisfaction.


as we understand it, means listening to our customers, being there for them and knowing what moves them. Together we ensure that we can meet the demands of our customers and the marketplace both now and in the future.

Personal contact is an essential ingredient, and is therefore extremely important to us. Mutual understanding and trust enables our customers to concentrate on their core competencies.


of services calls for ongoing development, support and management at the very highest level. These are the demands that both our customers and we ourselves place on us. But to achieve this we need to be able to put our own performance on the test bench and review it with a critical eye. This voluntary self-assessment is extremely important as it enables us to keep up to speed with changing market conditions and changing customer requirements.

Right from our initial contact and throughout our relationship with you, we work with you to come up with a tailor-made concept that meets your requirements. You will benefit from our leading position and extensive experience in special haulage and logistics and our ongoing quest to get better and better at what we do. With our highly qualified personnel and specially equipped vehicles, we carry out even the trickiest haulage assignments without a hitch.

With our sophisticated logistics concept and our highly motivated team, we can respond fast and flexibly to your every need.


is a key element of what we do. We are fully focused not only on the quality of our physical haulage and logistics activities but also on the quality of our services. With clearly assigned tasks and competences, each member of our team builds up a long-term relationship with their customer. This enables them to understand precisely what the customer wants and deliver a high-quality service day in, day out.

Naturally, we operate a  certified, active quality management scheme - which ultimately benefits you!

The result? Consistently high-quality services and the guarantee of standardised procedures.