Gailing GmbH | info @gailing .de | +49 (0)711/169 220

Gailing GmbH | info @gailing .de | +49 (0)711/169 220

Special haulage services


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Machinery and plant haulage, commercial and industrial removals

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 „Customized solutions“
- We make sure your move is prepared and planned perfectly by developing solutions tailored specifically to your needs, and we carry it out using the very latest equipment. We focus on ensuring that the solution we come up with will allow your production processes to continue uninterrupted as far as possible. Besides the pure transportation and positioning aspects, we also provide assembly and electrical and media installation services. In us you will have a partner that does it all for you!


Distribution network services


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High-tech haulage

„Safety first“
– Our high-tech distribution network takes great care of your high-value, sensitive or electronic goods throughout their entire journey from loading to delivery. We can deliver your goods within 24 to 72 hours and we make all the necessary appointments with the relevant engineers.
With our well equipped vehicle fleet and highly qualified personnel, we can even carry unpackaged good as our trailers are heated.
On arrival our haulage teams install and commission the equipment, show the customer how to operate it, and deal with the paperwork.
In addition, we take back the packaging and dispose of your old appliances in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the legal requirements.


We offer this high-tech logistics service not only within Germany but now across as many as 25 countries throughout Europe. For more information see

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Safes, strongboxes and secure cabinets

„Everything is possible“
– Our vehicles are on the road on behalf of leading manufacturers every day. Our assignments could be anything from delivery of a small furniture safe or a 500 kg bank safe to installation of safe doors or entire safe-deposit vaults. Our highly qualified haulage teams are properly equipped to deal with any demands that may arise: ranging from discussing the options during a site inspection to organising kerbside parking or renting a suitable crane. Will your safe need to be carried up straight or spiral stairs? Will the safe need to be anchored? Will the customer need to be shown how to use the locking system? No problem at all: we’ll handle it.