At Gailing we work with a network of providers of special lifting and haulage vehicles, complemented by our own state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel.

// Vehicle-mounted cranes with lifting capacities of 20-120 t


// Fork-lift trucks with lifting capacities of up to 40 t


// Air-sprung trucks with tail lifts with a nominal load capacity of up to 3 t


// Bridge cranes and crane baskets


// Stair climbers with carrying capacities of up to 1 t for upper storey deliveries


// Bi-Mobils for careful upright carriage and positioning of heavy cabinet furniture, switching cabinets and safes in the warehouse or for display


// Heavy duty rail hoists for on-site transportation of machinery and equipment without mechanical effort and independently of crane systems, with carrying capacities of up to 25 t


// Air cushion mount with 6 air cushion slide modules, with carrying capacity of up to 7.5 t